CV, Resume, and Publications

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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Thesis

S. Spangelo, “Modeling and Optimizing Space Networks for Improved Communication Capacity”, Ph.D. Thesis in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, December 2012.

Refereed Journal Publications

  1. S. Spangelo, J. Cutler, A. Klesh, and D. Boone,“Models and Tools to Evaluate Space Communication Network Capacity ”, Accepted to IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, vol. 48, no. 3, pp. 2387-2404, July 2012.
  2. S. Spangelo and E. Gilbert, “Power Optimization of Solar-Powered Aircraft with Specified Closed Ground Tracks”, Journal of Aircraft, vol. 50, no. 1, pp. 232-238, January-February 2013.
  3. S.C. Spangelo,  M.W. Bennett,  D.C. Meinzer,  A.T. Klesh,  J.A. Arlas,  J.W. Cutler, “Design and Implementation of the GPS Subsystem for the Radio Aurora Explorer”, Acta Astronautica, vol. 87, pp. 127-138, June-July 2013.
  4. S. Spangelo and J. Cutler, “Analytical Modeling Framework and Applications for Space Communication Networks”, Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, vol. 10, no. 10, pp. 452-466, October 2013.
  5. S. Spangelo, J. Cutler, A. Cohn, and K. Gilson, “Optimization-Based Scheduling for the Single-Satellite, Multi-Ground Station Communication Problem“, Accepted to Computers and Operations Research, vol. 57, pp. 1-16, May 2015 [to appear].
  6. S. Spangelo and B. Longmier, “Optimization of CubeSat System-level Design and Propulsion Systems for Earth-Escape Missions”, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Accepted December 2014.
  7. S. Spangelo, S. Unwin, J. Bock, “All Sky Survey Mission Observing Scenario Strategy”, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Under Review in Instruments, and Systems (published by SPIE),Accepted with Revisions, 2014.
  8. S. Spangelo, D. Landau, N. Aurora, T. Randolph, “Defining the Optimal Requirements for the Micro Electric Propulsion Systems for Small Spacecraft Applications”, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Under Review.
  9. M. Shao, T. Slava, S. Spangelo, T. Werne “A constellation of CubeSats with synthetic tracking cameras to search for 90% of potentially hazardous near-Earth objects”, Astronomical Journal, Under Review.

Journal Publications in Preparation

  1. Jennifer Hudson, Sara Spangelo, Daniel Kolosa, and Kristina Lemmer, “Mission Analysis for CubeSats with Micro Propulsion”, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets.
  2. S. Spangelo, D. Dalle, and B. Longmier, “Integrated Optimization of Vehicle Design and Trajectories for Low Earth Orbit Small Spacecraft Missions”, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets.
  3. S. Spangelo, “Optimization of Small Spacecraft Constellation Architectures for Earth and Interplanetary Applications”, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets.

Refereed Conference Proceedings and Workshop Presentations in CV


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